By Community, For Community

The 2022 Burnaby Festival of Learning was energizing and enriching, thanks to the incredible participation of our community. Over 100 organizers from 30 organizations helped us enrich our understanding of environmental, economic and social sustainability. Some standout highlights include the magical opening reception with Elder Margaret, her son, Madelaine McCallum, and Mayor Hurley, as well as the West Coast First Nations mask-dancing group, Git Hayetsk (People of the Copper Shield), who performed before the screening of Firestarter. While so much of the magic happens behind the scenes, too, probably best for us was all the new people we met and all the ways we’ve been able to deepen our working relationships with each other. We’re so grateful to be a part of this community ❤️

BFOL Theme: Economic Sustainability, Environmental Sustainability, SocialSustainability

100+ event organizers

30 community organizations

48 presenters

13 artists

15 Planning Committee members

6 sponsors

19 in person events

34 online events

Burnaby Festival of Learning events 2022